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Station 3
  We continue to work on ways to save lives, property & money. One that we are very excited about is a new substation in Gray. We have been donated land across from Hazel Fork. Robert and Karen Moses have purchased the land and paid for the majority of the work that is needed to prepare it. The trees are mostly gone and the grading to cut down and level the land is in progress. Our hope is to have a substation built there by the Fall of 2017. We will be applying for grants to fund the new station, so that may delay the building process.

  What does this mean for you?  ISO is the company that rates fire departments for insurance rates. We are 1.5 points from being a better class rating. Once this station is built, our rating should get better. If it does, you save money on insurance. Hopefully we will save you more money than the $35 per property you are paying in membership dues.

  A station in Gray will make every resident in our district 5 driving miles or less from a station. That means better insurance rating. Or maybe insurance cost were way to high before. Now you can afford insurance. Our response time to emergencies in the Gray area will be better.

  Once we finish the station, we hope to have a community room that we can share with the public for their events.

  We hope you are excited to hear the news of a station in Gray and possibly lower insurance cost. We want our community to know that we are constantly working to try and make the fire department better.




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