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 Fire Department Auxiliary

Are you interested in helping the Fire Department but you have no desire to run into a burning building? Do physical limitations keep you from being able to do everything you think a firefighter needs to do. Well we could have the job just for you.

  Firefighters have to be in good physical shape to go in and out of burning buildings. Your gear weighs about 35lbs. You have to crawl on your hands and knees most of the time. You drag a hose filled with water that can weigh a couple hundred pounds. And then, God Forbid, you have to rescue someone. Pulling a person from inside a house fire is not something an unfit person can do.

  BUT THERE'S MORE...  Firefighting is not all running into danger and saving someone. As a matter of fact, that's a small percentage of what we do. We have members that are Engineers. An Engineer drives all of our apparatus, can operate all apparatus and knows how to use any piece of equipment on the apparatus. We have members that come to the scene of an incident and get tools,
change BA bottles, hook up to a water supply, setup scene lighting, setup traffic control, setup landing zones for a helicopter, setup rehab for firefighters when they need a break and much more.
  As you can see, not all firefighting jobs require you to be a picture of physical fitness. We have a few members that have disabilities that keep them from putting on a BA and crawling through a house. And of course as we all get older, our bodies force us to cut back on some of our physical activities.
  One of the other VERY IMPORTANT groups of our fire department are The Auxiliary. It was formed to take charge of the fund raising efforts and special events of the Fire Department. Having people willing to do this is just as important as what the firefighters do. Without funding, we don't exist to fight fires and save lives. Without the Auxiliary that we have right now, we would probably be closed or almost broke
  right now. The Auxiliary really has worked hard over the past three years to boost funding and let our community know we need their support. Even though we are far from being out of the danger zone of closing. We are excited with the things that are starting to happen and with the response of some of our community. We hope that with all of this publicity, more and more people will step up and see that we get the funding we need to survive.

  If after reading this you think that being a volunteer firefighter or auxiliary member is the thing for you. Come by on any Monday Night about 7:00PM and talk with us.


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