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PO Box 1210
Corbin, KY 40702-1210
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90 Gloucester Avenue
Corbin, KY 40701-6113
(Pronounced gloss - ter)
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351 US Hwy 25W
Corbin, KY 40701
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fax 888-447-7609

Fire Hazard Season

Spring Season:
Feb. 15th - April 30th
Fall Season:
Oct. 1st - Dec. 15th

Division of Forestry

Membership Fee on Tax Bill
KRS 67.327

Fire department membership charges and subscriber fees may be added to property tax bills. Collection and distribution.

(1) If a county fire department is authorized by law to collect membership charges or subscriber fees for combatting fires or serving in other emergencies, the fiscal court may adopt an ordinance to require those annual membership charges or subscriber fees to be added to property tax bills. In any county where the fiscal court has adopted such an ordinance, the county clerk shall add the annual membership charges or subscriber fees to the tax bills of the affected property owners.

(2) The membership charges or subscriber fees shall be collected and distributed by the sheriff to the appropriate fire departments in the same manner as the other taxes on the bill and unpaid fees or charges shall bear the same penalty as general state and county taxes. This shall be a lien on the property against which it is levied from the time of the levy.
Effective: July 15, 2002
History: Created 2002 Ky. Acts ch. 163, sec. 2, effective July 15, 2002.

  Welcome to our Website
Give A Beep Fire Safety Program gets a huge boost

What it takes to run a Totally Volunteer Fire Department

  Some people find it hard to believe that volunteer firefighters don't get paid. They think there must be hidden ways we get paid. Well it's time to make a believer of those who doubt.

  The one and only way we may ever convince those who doubt is to have them come volunteer with us. It will not take you long to find out that you get paid nothing.

  It will actually cost you to be a volunteer. It cost time, gas and the pay you should be getting at your regular job. You lose time with your family, destroy clothing and take a chance of getting hurt. You are required to take regular training every year. We meet every Monday night to train, do regular maintenance on trucks and to plan for the best way spend money and manage the fire department to best serve our community. We work on fund raisers to raise money to have a fire department. We make time to visit schools and teach fire prevention. We visit local business' to preplan incase they have an emergency. That way we know the layout of the business, where the employees should be, what their plan is for evacuation and what our best plan of attack is for life saving and property saving efforts. We have a fire safety program we call Give a Beep. It's focus is on making sure everyone has a working smoke detector in their home.

  We are on call 24/7. Any time you bump into a volunteer firefighter, you will see a pager or radio on their side. You feel naked without it.

  Cost per firefighter
(All gear except for the radio, only have a ten year life. Regardless of use, it must be replaced ten years from the manufactured date)
  We have families that support us giving our time to the community. Image what kind of person it takes to understand cancelling a date, missing a child's little league ball game, leaving them to watch three kids in the game room at Mr. Gatti's. They cook food for bake sales, wash nasty smelling clothes and keep Thanksgiving dinner warm so we don't eat cold food. Firefighters get all the praise while our families get none. They don't mind taking a backstage role. They just want us to come home and occasionally attend a special occasion.
Expenses and why we need a yearly membership fee from our community
  Our expenses for just the basics, electric, gas, water, insurance, fuel, etc..., run almost $38,000.00 per year. That doesn't include anything we need to be a fire department. Below is a list of some of the cost for equipment required so we can be your fire department. Keep in mind that we have 36 volunteers that must be kept in NFPA approved gear.
  Item Cost per Item Number Needed Cost Per Year  
  Turnout Gear (10 Year Life) $2,652.00 36 Firefighters $9,547.20  
  SCBA (Air Packs) $6,250.00 30 $18,750.00  
  Radios (Radios or Pagers) $700.00 36 $2,520.00  
  Engine (Truck to Fight Fire)(Average Life 20 Years) $250,000.00 3 $37,500.00  
  Equipment for an Engine (Average Life 10 Years) $20,000.00 3 $6,000.00  
  Rescue Tools (To cut people out of cars)(10 Years) $25,000.00 2 $5,000.00  
  Tanker (Truck to haul water)(Average Life 20 Years) $120,000.00 1 $6,000.00  
  Equipment Truck (Average Life 20 Years) $100,000.00 1 $5,000.00  
  Station 1 (The original station in Knox Co)(1962) $300,000.00 1 $5,555.55  
  Station 2 (Laurel Co station)(2003) $160,000.00 1 $12,307.69  
  Station 3 (New Station coming to Gray in 2017) $200,000.00 1    
  Insurance $11,000.00 per year $11,000.00  
  Fuel $10,000.00 per year $10,000.00  
  Utilities (water, gas, electric, cable, internet, phone) $17,000.00 per year $17,000.00  
  Total Per Year (for just the above)     $146,180.44  

  These cost do not include any fire prevention program, office equipment or supplies, truck maintenance supplies (oil, anti-freeze, filters), any maintenance required on trucks, building supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies) or other items required to do business on a daily basis.

  If you think these prices might be inflated, we have a fire supply business right here in our county that would be glad to give you the price of any of our equipment. Southeast Apparatus in Corbin can be contacted at 606.523.4497.


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